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About Us-Overview
YepJob provides a fundamentally new way to connect with candidates. YepJob platform is a place for every individual or team in an HR business to connect with candidates, efficiently, at scale through professional referrals. In addition, YepJob platform is created using the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that analyzes job seekers data (resume, referrals, social engagement, etc) to perfectly match jobs with the job seekers.

Core values
Honesty and Integrity, Social Responsibility, Transparency, Profit, but profit from work that benefits humanity, Encouraging individual ability and creativity.
Our mission is to solve unsolved problems in human resource management.
Who we are?
YepJob.com is the work of dedicated HR and IT professionals with years of experience in research and consulting.
Why YepJob.com?
We want to empower job seekers by giving them cutting edge tools and technologies for their job search. We think YepJob provides a convenient and easy way to search over 1 Million jobs across the US and Canada advertised on thousands of job sites, classifieds and company sites across North America.

Who’s funding YepJob?
YepJob is boot strapped and has received no external funding so far.

Our Philosophy
We want to keep things simple and easy to use. We believe that if there’s a job advertised out there, it should be easily accessible to you. You should not be denied the opportunity to find that perfect job, simply because you didn’t know it even existed!

Contact Us
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