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YepJob: Seamlessly Grows Your Professional Network.


YepJob gives rewards to a job seeker and a referrer for the referral when the job seeker is hired. The job seeker and the referrer each receive 25% of the reward amount. The reward amount ranges from $1,000.00 to $20,000.00 for salary jobs or $5 to $30 per hour for hourly based jobs. Employers are advised to set the reward from 5% to 10% of the annual salary or from 10% to 25% of the hourly rate.

If you are a job seeker or an open networker,
it makes sense to join YepJob as a referrer!
For employers and agencies
Free job postings. Free membership - subject to approval. Get high quality referrals. Pay per hire. We support many ATS systems.

Prescreening & Filtering

We check the background and experience of job seekers and referrers to ensure quality applications


Curator network

A crowdsourced group of senior professionals selects the profiles worth your time


Job seeker engagement

Our team helps you actively engaging with job seekers throughout the hiring process.

For referrers
Free membership - subject to approval. Scan the entire job market and make referrals. Get real ideas to make referrals. Efficiently pre-screens a large pool of candidates. Easily notify potential applicants. Make accurate and fast referrals.
YepJob provides referrers an easy way to invite colleagues, classmates or friends to apply for jobs and to become referrers as well.
YepJob automatically matches potential referrals with jobs providing referrers with the insight necessary to make the perfect match.
Import all your connections easily. We send out invitations to your connections to join YepJob as referrers. Every person that joins YepJob as a referrer through you becomes your potential referral as well. When one of your potential referrals gets hired through YepJob you both get a reward.
You can also manually refer someone you know to apply for a job. When a person you referred gets a job you both get a reward.
Catherine Edwards
Regional Marketing Manager
Veronica Dreaux
Regional Marketing Manager
Liz St. Clair
Leadership Recruiter at Nest
Shane George
HR Director
Adal Simeone
HR Director
Will Thompson
B2B Strategist
Diane Bluel
HR Director
Rose Donald
Sunil Nagarajan
HR Lead
Aislinn Patterson
Sr. Field Recruiter
Bill Washinski
Financial Account Executive
Matt Updegraff
B2B Strategist
Val Rajic
President and COO
Luane Miller
HR Manager
Holly B-Jones
Matevz Fatur
Digital Marketing Specialist
Angie Caro Walker
HR Business Partner
Eric Ogi
National Recruiter
Tina C. Gilroy
Rene' Hugo
HR Manager
Janice Huffman
HR Director
Chuck Kimball
Peter Johnson
HR Director
Erica Leman
HR Director
Edward Jones
VP / Director
...and many more...
There are hundreds of new referrers each week.